Frequently Asked Questions

How do I clean my Renew Sewcials Cloth Sanitary Pads?

Renew Sewcials Cloth Sanitary Pads are very easy to take care of. Just wash at 40°C and hang to dry! To reduce the chance of staining you can rinse them after use in cold water before storing, or use a stain removal stick before washing. They do not need to be washed separately and can be washed in with your normal load. Just don’t use softener as this can hinder absorption.

All fabrics are pre washed at 40°C in non bio washing powder to reduce the chances of shrinkage and colour run and remove any dirt and chemicals left over by the fabric production process. 

How long will they last?

With proper care, Renew Sewcials Reusable Cloth Sanitary Pads will last many years, massively reducing rubbish and your impact on the environment.

How often will I need to change them?

How often you will need to change your pad will vary depending on your flow and how they feel when you’re wearing them. For example a heavy absorbency pad may last all day if you’re period is a medium flow.

How often you need to change your pad can vary as what one person considers heavy may not be to someone else. You will find that with use you will learn exactly what size and absorbency you prefer and how long they last for you. This is why I recommend buying a few pads to begin with to get an idea of your preferences, our starter pack is a great option for this.

How many pads will I need?

This will vary depending on the length of your cycle, how often you change your pad and how often you want to wash them. Some customers buy enough for a day and wash every night whilst others prefer washing them altogether at the end of their period so need more. (They’re perfectly fine stored until your period is finished.). 

You may find that once you enter the world of cloth sanitary pads you get hooked and buy many more than you actually need as there are so many great patterns and styles available!

Where should I store my pads after use?

You can store your used pads in a lidded container (an old ice cream tub will work), a wet bag or, depending how squeamish you are, throw them straight in the washing basket!

What size/ absorbency should I get?

The choice of size and absorbency is also down to personal preference.  I recommend starting with a few pads to begin with to get an idea of the sizes you prefer and the absorbencies you require. The Renew Sewcials Reusable Cloth Sanitary Pad Starter Set is a good choice for beginners as it contains an 8” Light, 10” Medium and 12” Heavy pad and saves you 10%!

Do they smell?

Unlike disposables, reusable sanitary pads don’t contain artificial perfumes so the only aroma is the natural smell of menstrual fluids. As a bonus, because they’re made of fabric, they feel cotton soft like underwear! They are also breathable

Is it gross?

Not at all! Certainly not any more gross than disposables.

Why does it take 10 working days for delivery?

All Renew Sewcials products are made by me, Jenny in my studio in North Wales. I supply local shops as well as selling online, so unfortunately don’t tend to have ready made stock available. I’m lucky enough that what I make is often sold immediately, which is why I make to order.